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Occupy Wall Street: How Bank Lobbyists Plan to Discredit the Movement

November 24, 2011


Ever wonder what the big Wall Street bankers REALLY think of Occupy Wall Street?

Well, here’s what some of their DC lobbyists think:

In short: they’re running scared.  They know that a broad base of people everywhere on the political spectrum, both left and right, are pissed off as hell at Citibank, Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs et al.  They know that Democrats are trying to tap that populist anger to win elections, and that Republicans may soon start doing the same.  They know that that could mean (oh no!) actual regulation of the financial sector.

Their strategy is to try to discredit the Occupy Wall Street movement, and these are their ideas so far on how to do it:

1. Dig up dirt on the leaders.  Kind of hard to do with a movement that has no leaders.  Keep up the good work, people.

2. Spy on OWS through Facebook, etc.  I’d like to give the advice, “Kids, don’t say anything stupid on your Facebook/Myspace/whatever page,” but, aside from the fact that kids will be kids, there’s also the very real probability that these lobbying firms will simply hire agent provocateurs to say stuff online that makes the Occupy movement look bad.  Not much that can be done about that, except to say that these assholes don’t represent OWS, which has already been done pretty well by protesters when it comes to the real-life versions.  And of course, to keep the planning for direct actions in the hands of in-person affinity groups, although those can be infiltrated too…but remember, if a planned disruption of the NY Stock Exchange ends up just being a protest outside it, that’s not really such a big deal.  What matters is that people are getting the truth about Occupy Wall Street through social media, through updates from their friends on social network sites and live citizen journalism on Youtube and Twitter and the blogosphere.  Again, keep up the good work.

3. Develop an astroturf pro-big finance coalition.  The main idea here seems to be to emphasize the big bankers’ continued economic power, in order to scare us all into shutting up and doing what they want.  Expect to hear a lot of BS about what’s “politically realistic” and how regulating big financial companies will “hurt the recovery”.  Right now, most Americans will be saying, “What recovery?”  I hope that changes in the near future, but who knows whether it will.  As for “political realism”, that just means the corrupting influence of money in politics…which is one of the main things OWS is fighting against.  My hope is that by now Americans have had enough of being pushed around by corporate scare tactics.

4. Spend a bunch of money of ads.

Well, there you have it, people.  The next time some jerk says that the Occupy protestors are wasting their time, having no real impact, etc., you now know where to point ’em.  Oh, and to the American Bankers Association, in case you’re listening:

You can’t stop us.

We are legion.

We are unstoppable.

This is only the beginning.

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