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Obama the Rape Apologist

December 11, 2011

So this is President Obama, in his own words, on why adolescent girls under 17 must not be allowed access to over-the-counter emergency contraceptive Plan B, despite the FDA’s ruling that it was perfectly safe:

“I will say this, as the father of two daughters: I think it is important for us to make sure that we apply some common sense to various rules when it comes to over-the-counter medicine,” Mr. Obama said.

“And as I understand it, the reason Kathleen made this decision was she could not be confident that a 10-year-old or an 11-year-old going into a drugstore should be able — alongside bubble gum or batteries — be able to buy a medication that potentially, if not used properly, could end up having an adverse effect.  And I think most parents would probably feel the same way.”*

Now, despite conservative fearmongering (fantasizing?) about out-of-control Lolita whores, realistically the most likely reason for a 10-year-old or 11-year-old to have to worry about pregnancy is that she’s been raped.  And who by?  The statistical data shows that most rapists are not strangers.  No, the rapist is likely to be either one of the parents, or someone the parents know and like and trust and may very well believe over her.

Plan B is called the “morning after pill” for a reason: it must be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex to reduce the risk of pregnancy.  If taken within that period, Plan B reduces the risk of pregnancy by 89%. That means that seven out of every eight women who would have gotten pregnant will not get pregnant. After the 72-hour window, the pills’ effectiveness decreases by 50% with every 12 hours.**

So if the girl screws up her courage to tell her parents she was raped (assuming neither of them did it), they may not believe her until it’s too late.  And why else would she buy Plan B, if not to prevent a pregnancy?  It’s not Robitussin, you can’t get high off it in large doses.

“As the father of two daughters”.  You bastard.

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