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December 11, 2011

Some things that have been really pissing me off lately:

1) Ever notice how Ron Paul’s running 2nd in Iowa polls and in New Hampshire polls is 3rd place and far ahead of the general pack, yet all the mainstream media commentators want to talk about is Gingrich vs. Romney?  I don’t care what your politics are, this is another reason to hate the mainstream media.  Their dismissive attitude towards a clearly popular candidate shows that they’re biased in favor of the warmongering and corrupt establishment.  It’s a subtle form of censorship–actually, not so subtle.

2) Some of you may have already heard about this: the San Diego Police Department’s voter suppression drive.  Yeah.  Wouldn’t want people REGISTERING TO VOTE.  That’s DANGEROUS.

Also: the gossip mill tells me that some very interesting things will be happening in downtown New York on December 17th.  Those of you in the area might want to come down.


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