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Unmarked Law Enforcement Cars at OWS

March 6, 2012

“I’m with Victor Toro and The M.I.R. / So watch out for those snitches in that unmarked car”

–Rebel Diaz


Below is information about some cars I happened to observe yesterday.  I don’t know how useful it will be, but I’m hoping it will help people.

Yesterday, I noticed a number of cars parked outside near 60 Wall Street (an organizing hub for Occupy), that looked like regular vehicles, but had pieces of paper in the front window identifying them as NYPD police vehicles.  These pieces of paper had an expiration date of February 1st 2012, so I don’t know if they can still be used as undercover cars, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to write down their info.  The format I’m using is: Make and Model, Color, [other info], State, License Plate #.  Here they are:

Jeep Laredo 4×4, Red, NY, DHF 9126

Ford Expedition, Dark Blue, NY, FLH 7232 (yellow plate)

Chevy Impala LS, Dark Blue, NY, ELX 3483

Chevy Trailblazer LS, Grey, NY, DMK 4574

Dodge Stratus, Grey, NY, FLH 7395 (yellow plate)

Dodge Charger, Black, tinted windows, NY, FGG 1255

Honda (sedan), Black, NY, EVU 6231

Chevy Malibu, Grey, flex-fuel, NY, FLH 7550 (yellow plate)

Nissan Altima, Dark Grey, NY, FGG 1054 (yellow plate)

Ford Escape, Dark Grey, flex-fuel, NY, FPV 9800

Ford Escape, Dark Grey, hybrid, NY, ELX 2407

Toyota Highlander, (forgot to write color sorry), hybrid, NY, EJT 8551

Jeep Laredo 4×4, Grey, NY, DYS 6002

Ford Escape, Teal, hybrid, NY, FPV 9805 (yellow plate)

Ford Escape, Red, hybrid, NY, FPV 9777 (yellow plate)

Honda Accord V6, Dark Grey, NY, DMK 4610

Dodge Durango SLT, Dark Blue, NY, DMS 1056

Ford Expedition, Dark Grey, flex-fuel, NY, FLH 7227 (yellow plate)

Dodge Charger, Dark Grey, NY, DYS 6131

Jeep Laredo 4×4, Black, NY, EDP 3331

I also noticed several parked cars with pieces of paper in the front window identifying them as Federal law enforcement vehicles.  These pieces of paper had an expiration date of February 1st 2013.  Info for the Federal law enforcement cars is as follows:

Audi Q7, Dark Blue, NY, DWD 8711

Lexus LX570, Light Grey, NY, Y18 1CY

Honda Accord Crosstour, Black, NY, EBA 5485

VW, Black, NY, EWY 9293

Honda Accord, Light Grey, SC, GMF 897 (no front plate) (also marked as US Military vehicle)

Lexus ES350, Dark Grey, NY, CONNOR18 (yellow plate)

Well there you have it.  I apologize for any and all gaps in information.  I hope this will help people in spotting and calling out agent provocateurs.  I also hope that everyone who gets a similiar opportunity will do as I’ve done.  As NYC Resistance says (quoted by CopBlock): NYPD’s Black Water mercenary style undercover division which drives around in unmarked cars with bent up license plates or no plates at all continues to plague New yorkers by targeting innocent pedestrians and motorist that have broken no laws. Their so-called proactive policing is in reality the total disregard of the 4th amendment which protects Americans against warrant-less search and seizure.

And as the NYPD’s own subway posters say: If you see something, say something!

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