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Political murder, then and now

September 12, 2012
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Eleven years ago yesterday, around 3,000 innocent Americans were murdered in cold blood by members of the US government.

Yesterday, the US ambassador to Libya was murdered along with 3 other US officials, in an attack using rocket-propelled grenades.  This attack came at the same time as protests in Libya and Egypt over an anti-Islamic video released on YouTube.  But this was not mob violence–it was a coordinated, preplanned, professional attack, according to US officials speaking on condition of anonymity.  And that video is looking pretty suspicious too.

The US military is moving in an elite group of Marines and two warships.

I know in my heart the CIA did it.  They’ve been active on the ground in Libya for a while now.  They helped out with the revolution before the US military was able to–this was reported in the mainstream media.  Libya is an oil-rich country and said oil is still under the control of the Libyan government-run National Oil Corp.–what further motive do you need?

I wish I did not have to think this way.

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