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#direngeziparki (resist: Gezi Park)

June 5, 2013

Was up all night 2 nights ago finishing my music video, then looking at tweets about the situation in Turkey.  Feeling rage against  Craig Murray for writing an incredibly sexist post where he dismisses them as “beautiful young women” who are “environmentalist” (code for: naive, gullible, easily manipulated) and really nothing but a cover for far-right Kemalist nationalists.  Feeling more rage at the police there for pepper spraying unarmed young people ; those horrible Turks!  So I glad I live in America, land of the free…oh wait.

They have taken over a major public square with bodies and voices and tents.  They are there because Erdogan’s government is corrupt, because it jails journalists, because it is turning towards the Islamist right, because it is putting in malls where people gather to speak out and destroying all the green spaces.

The Turkish media has refused to cover it.

Protestors’ main demands so far:

1. Gezi Park must stay as a park and that the authorities must announce a unanimous decision that nothing will be built there and it will remain a park from now on;
2. Ataturk Cultural Center (a building right next to Gezi Park) will remain untouched as well;
3. Governors, heads of security forces of Ankara, Istanbul and Hatay and those implementing their immediate orders must be dismissed from their duties immediately;
4. Ban on use of gas cannons and similar materials;
5. All those detained must be released immediately;
6. No more bans on public gatherings in squares like Taksim and Kizilay (in Ankara) and other public squares; no more bans on the right to protest; and removal of all kinds of conditions limiting freedom of expression.

I think…please let this mean something.  Don’t let it just blow over and be forgotten about…  They have free food in the square, yoga, a librarySo many feels!  (Sorry…I’ve gotten into Tumblr-speak.  “Feels” means a lot of things, a partial translation could be “incoherent and near tears”.)  I wish I could talk intelligently about this, offer some reasoned analysis that opens up new meanings, but then again maybe it’s not really my place to do that.  I know where my place is.

I know where my place is.

And again…

I know where my place is.

But to the freedom fighters in Turkey…good luck.  That’s all that I can say.

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